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As we all find ourselves in these unprecedented times, our farmers are still working exceptionally hard every day, producing milk for all dairy products, including butter, yoghurts, cheese and bakery products and anything that includes milk. Other farms are producing beef, pork and eggs to feed the people of our country. All of these farming processes produce slurry that needs constant daily management on the farms using our equipment.

As we are specialists in Zootechnics and Slurry (animal manure) Management, providing bespoke solutions for farms involved in this vital food production - it is totally necessary that we continue in our production to keep providing these services and equipment for our farmers to allow them to uphold animal welfare standards and comply with environmental regulations for spreading the slurry on their farms and avoiding pollution incidents.

At SlurryKat we have implemented all necessary safety precautions, even before they were enforced, and are practising distancing, hand washing and sanitation.

We will continue to monitor Government advice and make any necessary decisions in regards to this accordingly.
Come rain or shine our nation's farmers are always there in the background working to keep us fed and we at SlurryKat are determined to help them in any way we can for as long as we can. Together we will all make it through this difficult time.

Stay Safe

SlurryKat - Slurry Handling Equipment Without Limits

SlurryKat is an innovative slurry solutions company based in Northern Ireland exporting 140 different products to 18 countries worldwide.

We are the leading manufacturers of quality slurry tankers, umbilical slurry systems and farm trailers so farmers like you, worldwide, can benefit from using the best pieces of kit on your farm.

Based in Waringstown in Co Armagh, we are considered a market leader in our field due to our rapid expansion since SlurryKat formed in 1994. Everything we manufacture, we design it with you in mind which is why our products, many of which are award winning, are now being exported to so many countries.

We pride ourselves in being able to produce exceptional slurry handling equipment and accessories which are engineered with design and quality at the forefront of our minds.

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You and the needs of your farm are so important to us so we compliment our designs with a quality customer service associated with a blue chip organization.  We care about our customers so every detail of our designs, right down to the paint finish, is detail which we make sure we get right. To ensure that we deliver for you every time, all of our equipment is extensively tested at our research and development plant at our headquarters by a specialised team of professional agricultural contractors.

We pride ourselves on being one of the only companies in this sector to invest so heavily in developing and testing equipment. Our equipment must meet and surpass a robust quality process in order to provide you with high quality machinery which is built to last.

We use the latest cutting edge engineering techniques and systems to ensure SlurryKat equipment remains at the forefront of innovation. We employ highly skilled technicians and engineers to work on maintaining and improving our growing range of equipment, which provides the SlurryKat brand with a competitive advantage.  


SlurryKat Product Range

  • Dribble Bars

    Standard 7 to 12 mtr, Swing Up 12 to 24 mtr, Tanker Duo Dribble Bars and Trailing Shoe Injectors
  • Hose Reelers

    Mounted Reelers, Trailed Reelers, Combi Reelers and Bak-Pak™ System
  • Slurry Tankers

    11000 to 18000 ltrs, Transfer Ferry Tankers, Tanker Dribble Bars and Trailing Shoes.
  • Doda

    Doda pumps, chopper PTO pumps, engine pump sets and Doda spares.
  • Injectors & Aerators

    The trailing shoe injector is mainly designed for use on grassland and arable land
  • Trailers

    Range of Silage, Grain, Flatbed and Low Loader Trailers
  • Oroflex

    Oroflex Layflat Hose and Couplings
  • Flowmeters

    Flowmeters, Remote Displays and GPS Guidance Systems
  • Biogas & Waste Recycling

    Effectively separate biogenic-organic material from non-biogenic waste with our bespoke solutions
  • Mixing and Pumping

    Mixing Systems and Submersible Pumps
  • Shear Grabs

    Shear Grab block cutters to suit tractors, loaders, skid steers
  • Mobile Nurse Tanks

    Mobile Nurse tanks can be used for a number of reasons in the spreading and handling of slurry or digestate
  • Couplings & Accessories

    Hose Crossing Ramps, Non Return Valves, Nitrogen Test Kits and Couplings
  • Storage Tanks

    Manufacturers of large industrial storage and mobile tanks
  • Spare Parts

    Couplings, Doda pump parts and SlurryKat spares
  • Stock and Pre Owned Equipment

    Pre Owned Slurry Tankers, Dribble Bars and Farm Machinery For Sale

With awards for innovation, reliability and excellence, we have earned our reputation as a global frontrunner in the production of 'best-in-class' dribble bars, slurry tankers, umbilical slurry systems, farm trailers, silage trailers, reelers and hoses along with one of the lightest and robust silage and grain trailers range on the market today.

SlurryKat equipment performs every time. Whether you are a farmer or a dealer you will benefit from our innovation and expertise.

Contact Us

44 Lowtown Road,
Waringstown, Craigavon,
Co. Armagh, BT66 7SJ
+44 (0)28 3882 0862

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About SlurryKat

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Our company currently exports 140 different products to 20 different countries.
SlurryKat is an innovative, award winning slurry solutions company which offers professionals across the world the best equipment on the market today.

We provide dribble bar systems, trailing shoe injectors, specialist tankers, layflat hoses, specialist pumps, GPS and flowmeters, hose crossing ramps, hose handling systems, dewatering systems and underground PVC pipelines.