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SlurryKat introduces higher output Doda pump

A new higher output pump is coming on to the market this September from SlurryKat. The slurry equipment and trailer specialist company, is launching the new Doda AFI HD45 centrifugal pump which will be a huge benefit for umbilical slurry systems where large volumes are required to be moved quickly.
High Output Doda Pump - The new Doda AFI HD45 centrifugal pump

The new pump, which boasts typical flow rates in optimal conditions of 600m3 per hour, was developed in 2010 and has been rigorously tested ever since for use with umbilical systems with six inch and eight inch flexible pipelines. These sizes of pipes are commonly used in USA, Canada, Russia and Estonia. The new pump boasts typical flow rates in optimal conditions of 600m3 per hour.

With traditional umbilical systems in the UK and Ireland normally using four and five inch pipelines over the past 15-20 years, there is a current demand from larger contractors and farmers  to move to bigger, more efficient systems.

Also, in anaerobic digester plants where large volumes of digestate are needed to be moved quickly at high application rates, the demand for the high output Doda pump is building.

The new pump is available as a tractor PTO model or direct drive for coupling with an engine. It houses a three blade chopping system for handling heavy fibrous material with ease and incorporates a Wida tungsten mechanical seal to protect the oil filled driveline system.

The Doda pump is manufactured with a heavy duty impellor and body housing for prolonged running and long life. It comes complete with an eight inch or ten inch suction line depending on operator requirements.

The material is spread via a 320 degrees swivel outlet which eases the delivery process. Priming of the pump is carried out with a hydraulic vacuum primer or with an optional submersible pump which can be placed up to six metres deep.

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