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New Range of Umbilical Hose Reels to be Launched at LAMMA 2016

SlurryKat develops new range of easy attach umbilical hose reels

Leading slurry equipment manufacturer SlurryKat has developed a new range of umbilical hose reels that can be interchanged by only unhooking one pin.
The Northern Ireland company has designed a reel centre or ‘spool’ that carries the lay-flat hose and can be interchangeable on the same chassis or carrier.

Drop Out Hose Reeler Drop Out Reel for Slurry Hose Drop Out Reel - Mounted Reeler from SlurryKat Dropout Hose Reeler from SlurryKat

This means that a contractor can carry multiple spools on a trailer from farm to farm and easily drop off the empty spools when the hose has been unwound and lift a full spool to further add to the umbilical pipeline.

To unhitch the spool there is just one pin for the operator to remove after the tractor’s linkage has been lowered to the ground.
The tractor can then be driven out of the spool and go on to collect the next unit. No hydraulic hoses or complicated fixings have to be adjusted or removed when detaching this reel.

There is a standard specification reel available with a galvanised pool on a painted chassis available in three point linkage or A frame styles. The reel is powered by a protected heavy duty Danfoss hydraulic system.

Reels are available with 600m, 800m and 1000m capacities with divided or open section models made to the customers’ requirements.
SlurryKat has been testing this range since 2012 and will launch it at LAMMA 2016.

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