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SlurryKat Launches New Tanker Dribble Bar Range


Waringstown manufacturer SlurryKat has further stamped its mark on the slurry spreading industry with a brand new range of budget Farm Line dribble bars. Market leaders in slurry handling equipment and pioneers of the dribble bar system, SlurryKat now launches a new affordable range designed specifically for farmers.

This new range further ads to the existing ‘two-line’ market approach, consisting of premium Pro Line products -  designed for contractors and larger intensive farmers, as well as a more basic Farm Line budget range of equipment. This approach has been very well received in the market over the past few years .CEO Garth Cairns commented:  “We now have a product for everyone with premium and basic spec products from a shear grab to a slurry tanker.”

Almost a year on from the launch of the company’s Panterra tanker range, Mr Cairns said: “The Panterra tankers have been an amazing success for us in the past 12 months or so and we continue to build on this success with continuous product development, helping to give our customers the best market leading farm equipment at affordable prices.”

farm line dribble bar rear farm line dribble bar side farm line dribble bar dribble bar back  

The new dribble bar range coincides with the recent launch of the Farm Modernisation Grant scheme whereby farmers can benefit from financial assistance of dribble bars fitted to their existing tanker or as a complete new tanker and dribble bar unit.

Features of the new dribble bar range demonstrate the usual high manufacturing quality expected from SlurryKat. Models available are popular 7.5 & 9.0 metre working widths. Other innovative features include spring loaded booms that “break-bak” with auto reset, this prevents damage to the booms if they accidentally come into contact with a fence or post etc during operation.

The dribble bars use a Vogelsang macerator/distributor, the same unit as used in the other premium dribble bars lines from SlurryKat, to ensure perfect spreading distribution across the dribble bar. The units are also 50% lighter to eliminate any balance issues when fitted to existing tankers. Mr Cairns commented: “They can be fitted to any tanker without the need for a rear hydraulic linkage, which saves costs and unwanted weight.”

The dribble bars are on sale from Monday November 21. SlurryKat can be contacted for more information on 028 38 820862 or

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