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RT & HME Gormley Farm Contractors Stranraer Scotland

The dribble bar has revolutionised our business and our customers are really seeing the benefits and financial savings from applying slurry with the dribble bar.

We have never used our splash plate since purchasing the machine in Autumn 2009, also our equipment is kept clean as there is no wind deflection and the machine is the perfect compliment to rest of our SlurryKat system fast and reliable service.


angus brown


Specialised Agricultural Services of Victoria, Australia have been very impressed with the build quality, design and innovation of our Slurrykat equipment, It has not only will improved our efficiencies in our contracting operation, but customers are seeing great benefits in using the Slurrykat system especially with the added benefit of using the GPS and flow meter system.

We will be able to apply slurries more efficiently, therefore, gaining greater benefits for the farmer and increasing our contracting customer base and therefore our profit margins.

From my initial dealings with the team at Slurrykat prior to the machinery arrived in Australia and after we have used the equipment, I have found Garth Cairns and his team to be extremely helpful and professional at all times.


DA Percival & Son Agricultural Contractors North YorkshireMoving from a single splash plate tanker we were looking for a system that enabled us to increase output and efficiency to give us an edge over the competition.

After looking at other manufacturers we found SlurryKat and following a meeting we were very impressed with the build quality and even more so with the advice from Garth that he has gained from years of hands on experience and we placed our order.

We opted for a 3 tanker system with 1 field tanker with flow meter and 7.5 metre compax dribble bar and 2 ferry tankers filling over the hedge , since taking delivery a year ago our slurry business has increased 4 times and is still growing

This Year we have just taken delivery of full 1800m umbilical system with 12 metre dribble bar - naturally from Slurrykat.

We also operate 2 SK Trailers now that have greatly helped our harvesting operations. The design , build quality , back up , sales and advice is second to none from SlurryKat.




"My customers like the Trailing Shoe machine. Customers Michael and Phillip Nash were very impressed by the lack of smell. David Fox, Manager for Lord Cowdrey feels that this is the way forward – a much more efficient way to use slurry without loosing the nitrogen content in the atmosphere."




 Bill Saunders Australia

Lyons Contracts, Coleraine, Agricultural Contractors Northern Ireland.


"We are very impressed with the output of the dribble bar, we spread 29 million gallons in the first season using the SlurryKat system. One of the best features of this system is carrying everything on one tractor, hose and dribble bar.

Since we started using the system our business has increased, it is trouble free and of excellent built quality. Lyons Contracts operate 2 full SlurryKat Umbilical Systems in Co. Antrim & Londonderry."



john lyons

B Curries Slurry Contracting, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom."We purchased SlurryKat’s very first production trailing shoe machine in early 2008. To date the machine has done over 4000 hrs work with not a single problem; the only maintenance was renewal of 1 set of shoes and macerator blades in April 2010 after 28 months work."

Bob also said "my customer base has increased by over 40% since purchasing the machine and now nearly all my customers no longer want spreading with splash plate but only the trailing shoe.




My customers, especially the organic operators really see the financial savings through slurry application with the SlurryKat system." Bob runs a full range of SlurryKat equipment along with a 11000 Ltr Slurrykat Super Tanker in conjunction the trailing shoe system.


bob currie

Costello Agricultural Contracts, Limerick, Ireland.

"We bought our first SlurryKat system in 2008 and seeing the flexibility of the system we decided to add the SlurryKat trailing shoe to our line up in Jan 2009. Since receiving the machine we have secured endless numbers of new slurry contracts and all our customers are really seeing the financial savings on fertiliser costs and much improved grass performance."





mike costello

J Bryson Contracts, Lanark, Agricultural Contractors Scotland

"The SlurryKat 7.5m dribble bar which we opted for is a simple machine which folds behind the tractor and allows us to pull our existing SlurryKat 1800m trailing reeler and it can all be taken on and off the tractor quickly which is very handy at silage time when we can be constantly swapping jobs. The set up of the dribble bar in the field is very easy and there is no time lost once the pipes are out - connect on and go. Throughput is greater than the spreader bar approx 10 - 15% and this is easily monitored by the flowmeter - also supplied by SlurryKat."




jake bryson

R O Williams & Son Farm Contractors - South Gloucestershire

"The 6.2mtr Trailing Shoe does an excellent job and we have obtained more work by having it. The farmers are keen for us to use it. The Flowmeter enables us to be more accurate with the application. We work in a built up area and the Trailing Shoe greatly reduces the smell and subsequent complaints"






andy williams

Walker Contracts Omagh, County Tyrone. Farm Contractors Northern Ireland.

"Since purchasing our SlurryKat dribble bar we have picked up many new slurry contracts and its flexibility allows us to apply slurry in all conditions, all year round, we can get through almost double the amount of spreading each week now and all our customers are really happy with the crop growth results seen with dribble bar applied slurry in the SlurryKat system."





ian walker

MS & EM Patrick Ltd, Leominster

"Our investment in the SlurryKat Dribble Bar is paying off already! We use it with the tanker as well as the umbilical… The farmer is happy, the operator is happy, and we are happy too! The Sales and Service is great as well."






J N & D F Hoyles & Sons Farm Contractors in Lancashire, United Kingdom.


"The build quality of the machine is excellent. The output from the 12m Dribble bar is phenomenal and the placing of the slurry more accurate. The farmers are very happy with this machine and prefer it. It is growing in popularity and being used every day."

Nicholas is happy to talk about the machine to anyone interested, or show it working. Ask us for his phone number!





William Goodwin Linfield, Farm Contractor Sussex


William Goodwin: operates a 900 cow dairy unit in Mid Sussex. SlurryKat supplied him with a complete 2400m system c/w trailing shoe in 2008.

"The SlurryKat system allows us to apply slurry to land that traditionally involved a 4 mile round trip with slurry tanker which was very labour intensive and inefficient. Now we pump direct and apply all our slurry in around 20% of the time leaving us more free time to attend to the cows and other duties on the unit. The fertiliser savings are phenomenal with the trailing shoe and we no longer have any problems with slurry odour in the surrounding area."







"I am really pleased with the Reeler. It is well made and I am sure it will last me another 10 years like the last one did."







Barry Harland & Son Limited Agricultural Contractors Sussex


"My customers like the Trailing Shoe machine. Customers Michael and Phillip Nash were very impressed by the lack of smell. David Fox, Manager for Lord Cowdrey feels that this is the way forward – a much more efficient way to use slurry without loosing the nitrogen content in the atmosphere."







John Lynch Diary Farmer, Ayrshire. Farm Contracts Ayrshire


"7.5m dribble bar has applied 10 million gallons of slurry in 15 months if use from their 900 cow dairy units. George McMillan (Farm Manager) for John Lunch Ayrshire said that applying 4000-4500 gallons of slurry on silage ground at the right time of year with the dribble bar saving £75kgs/acre of fertiliser."







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