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SlurryKat Product Range

  • Dribble Bars

    Standard 7 to 12 mtr, Swing Up 12 to 24 mtr, Tanker Duo Dribble Bars and Trailing Shoe Injectors
  • Hose Reelers

    Mounted Reelers, Trailed Reelers, Combi Reelers and Bak-Pak™ System
  • Slurry Tankers

    11000 to 18000 ltrs, Transfer Ferry Tankers, Tanker Dribble Bars and Trailing Shoes.
  • Doda

    Doda pumps, chopper PTO pumps, engine pump sets and Doda spares.
  • Injectors & Aerators

    The trailing shoe injector is mainly designed for use on grassland and arable land
  • Trailers

    Range of Silage, Grain, Flatbed and Low Loader Trailers
  • Oroflex

    Oroflex Layflat Hose and Couplings
  • Flowmeters

    Flowmeters, Remote Displays and GPS Guidance Systems
  • Biogas & Waste Recycling

    Effectively separate biogenic-organic material from non-biogenic waste with our bespoke solutions
  • Mixing and Pumping

    Mixing Systems and Submersible Pumps
  • Shear Grabs

    Shear Grab block cutters to suit tractors, loaders, skid steers
  • Mobile Nurse Tanks

    Mobile Nurse tanks can be used for a number of reasons in the spreading and handling of slurry or digestate
  • Couplings & Accessories

    Hose Crossing Ramps, Non Return Valves, Nitrogen Test Kits and Couplings
  • Storage Tanks

    Manufacturers of large industrial storage and mobile tanks
  • Spare Parts

    Couplings, Doda pump parts and SlurryKat spares
  • Stock and Pre Owned Equipment

    Pre Owned Slurry Tankers, Dribble Bars and Farm Machinery For Sale

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About SlurryKat

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Our company currently exports 140 different products to 20 different countries. SlurryKat is an innovative, award winning slurry solutions company which offers professionals across the world the best equipment on the market today. We provide dribble bar systems, trailing shoe injectors, specialist tankers, layflat hoses, specialist pumps, GPS and flowmeters, hose crossing ramps, hose handling systems, dewatering systems and underground PVC pipelines.