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Doda Pumping Systems


Introducing the SlurryKat Scorpion umbilical pump set!

slurrykat scorpion umbilical pump set
Specially built to facilitate emptying of 18m/60ft deep lagoons feeding umbilical systems. Included is a Doda AFI HD45 Pump, cooled gearbox using the slurry, 8” submersible hydraulic pump on the bottom of the scorpion for force feeding the Doda 45.

slurrykat scorpion umbilical pump
Fully automatic folding/unfolding into working position and can be set up from transport position to pumping in less than 2 minutes.


slurrykat scorpion

scorpion umbilical pump setTransport position is adjustable to suit different tractor sizes and height is around 4 metres in transport position depending on the tractor. Flow rates from the unit are up to 740 m3 per hour and it can be made to suit lagoons of any depth and a smaller version is available for AFI 35 HD pumps!

doda pumps

doda-logoSlurryKat recommend the use of DODA pumps with our systems, as prolonged use by our slurry contracts division has proven that they are efficient, robust and economic to maintain. Our contracts division has proven that the ratio of slurry pumped to the fuel consumption is amongst the most efficient available today. The three main models available are: L27, L35 and HD35. For more information please contact the sales team.

Doda Benefits

From 1000's hours of slurry contracting each year over the last 17 years and having run both Doda and other pumps in identical conditions, my findings of fair comparison are as follows:


  • Doda is 25% more fuel efficient as it can be run a lower revs to achieve the same output and pressure
  • Doda has around 5 bar more output pressure
  • Purchase costs are similar but Doda is much better value when looking at resale value and running costs
  • Doda does not have mechanical seal issues like ither pumps
  • Doda parts are on average 70% cheaper
  • All Doda parts are widely available from SlurryKat and our Dealers, other parts are hard to source.
  • Doda is simple to service and repair
  • Doda does not need specialised tools to change mechanical seal like other pumps
  • Doda has a super chopping system that very rarely blocks and is trouble free
  • Other pumps have no chopping system and blocks daily at the suction inlet
  • Other pumps needs special synthetic gear oil (expensive)
  • When mechanical seal fails on other pumps it fill the gearbox with slurry and cause gearbox damage
  • When others pumps are split for the first time it never goes well again
  • When other pumps are worn out it is scrap as it is cheaper just to replace it than buy the parts
  • Doda oil cooled gearbox keeps box cool even in heaviest prolonged use conditions
  • Doda gear oil is also filtered for long gearbox life in circulation of the cone
  • Doda primes first time every time, other pumps can have problems with priming
  • Doda HD will pump thicker slurry than other pumps


Sole distributors in UK & Ireland for DODA products.


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