SlurryKat Shear Grabs

Shear Grab block cutters to suit tractors, loaders, skid steers
Making Livestock Feeding Simple

With many years of Contract harvesting experience on farms, we are constantly in contact with livestock farmers, listening to their requests and comments.

Feeding livestock is a daily, unforgiving task using shear grab block cutters to remove the ensiled material from a clamp which is usually grass silage or maize. A highly efficient and reliable block cutter can save hundreds of feeding hours over the period of a year when it is performing to the maximum.

Listening to our customers complaints of failures and problems handling and cutting varying types of forage especially when very high dry matters using other makes of block cutters, some also requested that we design and manufacture them a block cutter that could eliminate experienced problems and also give long reliable, low maintenance life.
SlurryKat Shear Grabs
  •   Manufactured from unique high tensile grade S355 steel and Hardox 450 giving many years of life in this high stress application – more strength less weight
  •   Nitox coated rods on Hydraulic cylinders eliminates any corrosion fears that can cause oil seal failures
  •   Unique machined Hardox 600 serrated blades that remain razor sharp for 50% longer than standard blades, meaning less maintenance for you
  •   Unique extra-long pivot hinge 45mm diameter pins & sleeved bushes 200mm long - double the length of many competitors meaning many years of wear free life as this is a major stress point on all block cutters
  •   Widest opening design on the market meaning highest capacity to width ratio available saving you time with less journeys to the clamp
  •   High tensile Kvernland* forged tines

Procut Shear Grabs

SlurryKat Procut Shear Grab
  •   Deeper higher capacity cutter designed for large intensive livestock & dairy farms
  •   125mm bore hydraulic cylinders
  •   Jaw opening 1.05m
  •   Straight 40mm stone fork tines with 50mm tines on the ends
  •   Sizes 1.95m – 2.55m 2 & 3 Hyd cylinder options

Farmcut Shear Grabs

SlurryKat Farmcut Shear Grabs
  •   Designed for the smaller less intensive livestock farm
  •   115mm bore hydraulic cylinders
  •   Jaw opening 0.85m
  •   Cranked tines for setting blocks on the ground with 40mm stone fork tines
  •   Sizes 1.35m – 1.95m 2 & 3 Hyd cylinder options
For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.
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