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Vertical Mixing Agitator Pumps

A simple efficient approach to slurry handling

Slurry mixing performance with the SlurryKat Agitator is unrivalled on the back of many years of R & D testing in our contracting division.

Slurry is delivered from a high efficiency, unique designed 5 vane impeller. The sweeping design of the impeller housing and its unique strategic liquid delivery design and location means the SlurryKat agitator pump has the most efficient power to output ratio of any other mixing pump on the market.

Connection to the tractor is achieved via a two point linkage c/w quick attach link bar (no top link) which means hooking on, is fast, very easy and can be done without leaving the tractor seat.

Once attached to the tractor, placement into the slurry tank is also done completely from the comfort of the tractor seat. There is no further need to go near the slurry tank after the mixer is sited in the tank.

Vertical Slurry Mixing Pump
The machine can be transported with the PTO shaft fully connected which means there is no need to remove the shafts at any time when moving tanks or for road transport. The machine also can be moved into a completely optional compact transport position to give a 2 meter height clearance.
For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.

Standard features of the Proflow

  •   2 point underslung tractor linkage (no top link)
  •   Hydraulic vertical depth adjustment of 600mm
  •   Hydraulic Horizontal Tilting
  •   PTO shaft 1”3/4 6 spline X 1”3/4 6 spline
  •   Top fill c/w diverter valve
  •   All pipework in 6” diameter
  •   Vertical & horizontal adjustment power nozzle
  •   Hi Flow special design impeller manufactured from Hi-Tensile wear resistant steel
  •   Full length solid 50mm drive line shaft on all models
  •   Fully galvanised construction
  •   Super high flow design
  •   PTO shaft does not need removed from tractor when changing between tanks


  •   Top fill / Transfer gate valve
  •   Full hydraulic control of all functions – power nozzle and diverter valve
  •   Fully stainless steel construction for aggressive liquids in Biogas or Industry
  •   Hardox abrasion resistant impeller and housing for sand laden slurry lagoons
  •   Layflat transfer hose – 5”, 6” & 8”
  •   Couplings or fittings bespoke manufactured
Vertical Agitator Pump
SlurryKat Vertical Agitator Pump
For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.
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