Mobile Nurse Tanks

Mobile tanks to suit your individual needs
SlurryKat pioneered mobile Nurse tanks are extremely effective for umbilical slurry spreading applications where the land is not accessible from the slurry storage source on the farm or the AD plant. Slurry can be transported from the farm or biogas plant by road haulage trucks or tankers and discharged into the mobile nurse tank.

The tank then acts as a buffer for the umbilical spreading system allows it to continuing to spread between the tankers loads arriving at the site. This is particularly important when spreading slurry onto cereal crops where “stops” in the spreading operation can lead to irrecoverable damage to the growing crop.
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Hunnifords - Mobile Nurse Buffer Tank
Hunniford Contactors - Mobile Slurry Nurse Tank

SlurryKat Mobile Nurse Tanks

SlurryKat Mobile Nurse Tanks

For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.
Mobile Slurry Nurse Tank

NEW 2023 Nurse Tank design updates include:

   New chassis with 20% more ground clearance.
   Compact design for easy manoeuvring into tight fields and yards.
   Improved side panels with vertical boning keeping the tank cleaner, reducing muck retention & increasing tank strength with no additional weight.
   Updated internal mixing system.
   500mm front to back passage tube resulting in no blockages.
   Enhanced running gear and independent suspension system with heavy 16 tonne K series axles.
   Optional new acrylic internal anti corrosion coating for years of protection.
   The addition of stainless steel panel construction option.
   Models available with integrated umbilical headland management system, which allows the slurry flow to be completely halted during headland turns with no time limit, preventing excess application.
   Hydraulic gate valves with stainless steel knives ensuring complete control
Slurry Mobile Nurse Tank
Slurry Nurse Buffer Tank
Mobile Nurse Buffer Tank Front View
SlurryKat Nurse Buffer Tanker Working
Mobile Nurse Buffer Tank Rear View
For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.
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