Flat / Bale Handling Trailers

Light, strong and multifunctional

Light, strong and multifunctional

SlurryKat Flat/Bale trailers are designed to operate in a wide range of environments and to meet a broad spectrum of applications, from round and square bale handling, to potato box transport.

There is no such thing as a standard SlurryKat Flat/Bale Trailer. Each one is bespoke, designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements in terms of size and features.

However, what they share in common is our use of the latest hi-tech engineering techniques and sheet metal press forming technologies throughout the design and manufacturing.
SlurryKat Flat / Bale Handling Trailer
For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.
SlurryKat Bale Trailer
Bale Trailer - SlurryKat
SlurryKat Flat Trailer
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