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Mounted Reelers


SlurryKat front mounted reelers enable the operator to increase the hose carrying capacity by up to 1000 metres meaning the SlurryKat system is one of the highest capacity hose carrying systems available on the market.
All front mounted reelers come standard with 3pt linkage fittings but can also be offered as part of a quick attach/ detach A-frame system.

SlurryKat offer a wide range of mounted reels both for front and rear applications.

Premium Plus Reeler Range

FOCUSING on designing lighter yet stronger machinery, SlurryKat has just launched a series of new front reeler models.

slurrykat premium plus reeler
There are three models available in the new range with hose capacities of 600m, 800m and 1000m.
SlurryKat has incorporated special high grade steel into the latest reel design to help decrease the overall weight yet at the same time increase structural strength in the units.

The latest reelers have a new tubular design with innovative coupling sockets that clamp the hose for the start of the rolling up process without the coupling being displaced.
Reelers are open section as standard with bolt-in adjustable sections. Each section can be placed to the desired width and adjusted by sliding it along the reel by simply loosening the two bolts.

slurrykat premium plus reeler with hose

slurrykat premium plus reeler emptyEach reeler has new ergonomic fastening hooks on the sections and the reel ends for tying the hose ends to after hose recovery has been completed.
The chassis also has a lighter yet stronger design and features an optional double drive system on all models to reel up larger hoses, even when slurry is left in the hose.

Parking and detaching from the tractor now only requires the deployment of two parking stands, compared to the four stands on the previous models, saving valuable time when coupling and uncoupling.
Parking ground clearance to the linkage pins has been increased by 200mm meaning large tractors with bigger front tyres can couple and uncouple without having to sets the reelers up on blocks.

slurrykat premium plus reeler fr800 slurrykat premium plus reeler fr1000

slurrykat fr800 reeler

Further improvements on the new reelers means the A frame attachment versions can be used easily by adapting the standard three point linkage. Using this system means the reeler can be removed easily in less than one minute.

The powered drive system has also been improved giving more torque for rolling hoses and for applications using six inch hoses the double drive system can be added using two high powered Danfoss hydraulic motors.

The 1000m model incorporates the double motor drive system as a standard feature. The spool is galvanised as standard and the chassis is coated with high durability two pack paint on all models.

Drop Out Hose Reelers

Some of our clients in certain circumstances prefer to opt for interchangeable reel spools on their reelers. This is primarily to save on capital purchase costs on the umbilical system. While this may be suitable in some circumstances where the system is used on one farm and the additional reel spools are easily accessible from the spreading site, the limitations of this type of reeler system is that all the hoses cannot be carried with the spreading tractor/unit and left at the field side, something which in recent years SlurryKat has been extremely effective at - making the operation of the equipment by far the best available on the umbilical system market today.
This ease of use has been integrated into recent SlurryKat equipment designs from our vast 20+ years of slurry handling experience in our farm contracting division.

Transport of the drop out reel system from farm to farm may require additional equipment/trailers with this drop our reel type of system.

Drop Out Hose Reeler

Drop Out Reel for Slurry HoseDrop Out Reel - Mounted Reeler from SlurryKatDropout Hose Reeler from SlurryKat Reel size options available: 600m, 800m, 1000m, 1200m - Sizes to suit up to 8" Layflat Hose.
(Model Shown in Photo - 600m)

The reel is easily removed by removing 2 x locking pins than lowering the chassis to the ground and driving away. No drive mechanisms are required to be removed or connected to the reel, A unique proven and reliable Danfoss heavy duty hydraulic drive system is used on all SlurryKat hose reelers.


"Bak Pak"

slurrykat bak pak

slurrykat bak pak reeler

Bak-Pak - this reel exclusive to SlurryKat has proven very favourable with contractors as it offers a very compact effective package combining an 800m hose reel with a quick attach/detach single jet spreader which can be coupled together in a matter of seconds!

The Bak-Pak combined with a front reeler provides an excellent package which provides 1000-1400m system that is very efficient. It comes standard with 360° swivel to allow hose to untwist, greatly simplifying field operation.

Also available in 1200m version

slurrykat bak pak 12m duoslurrykat bak pak 12m duo dribble bar

1000M Mounted

1000m Mounted Reeler by SlurryKat Engineering Ltd

Optional Extras Include:

• Galvanised finish
• 2nd guide roller
• Twin jet spreader
• Variable speed hydraulics
• A-Frame linkage attachment

This reel very popular with slurry/irrigation users, has capacity to hold 1000m of 4" or 5" hose, used in conjunction with the Bak-Pak system can extend usage to 2300m +.


1200M Mounted Reel - Complete with A-Frame

1200m Mounted Reeler complete with A-Frame by SlurryKat Engineering Ltd.

Optional Extras Include:

• Galvanised finish
• 2nd guide roller
• Twin jet spreader
• Variable speed hydraulics
• A-Frame linkage attachment as shown

This reel very popular with slurry/irrigation users, has capacity to hold 1200m of 4" or 5" hose, used in conjunction with the Bak-Pak system can extend usage to 2500m +.


Open Section Reelers

slurrykat front reelerslurrykat front reel

slurrykat fr 1000 double driveslurrykat fr 1000 double drive reeler

slurrykat fr 1000 double drive frontslurrykat fr 1000 double drive side

open section reelers 3open section reelers 4


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