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Drag Hose Swivel Couplings

Exclusively designed and manufactured by SlurryKat.

 drag hose couplings
  • Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel
  • Totally unique in design and operation use
  • Easily connected and disconnected completely safely even under full pressure
  • Working pressure up to 25 bar/375 psi
  • Swivels 360 degrees continually even when being dragged under tension and under pressure
  • Unrivalled tension end pull force for 48,500 kgs
  • Can be connected at either end using male/female adaptor allowing the hose to be rolled onto the reeler from any end
  • Lifetime warranty*
swivel hose couplings for slurry
  • Can be easily removed or joined to the hose in the field without specialist banding tools etc
  • Connection closure ring is fully stainless steel also and requires no tools to connect or disconnect even under pressure unlike other couplings which require spanners to open
  • Fully safe to open when pressurised as clamping ring is not affected by pressure in the hose and can be pulled and separated from the safety of the tractor seat using the tractor and the hose reeler.
  • No other coupling can offer ALL these benefits to the user of an umbilical system
  • Can be fitted to any brand lay-flat hose on the market
  • Sizes available 3” 4” 5” 6” and 8”

This coupling and its design/concept are fully protected with registered design and registered Patent design protection rights.
*T&Cs apply

slurrykat hose couplings

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