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Duo Dribble Bars


SlurryKat designed the Duo Dribble Bar with a dual purpose in mind. It can be mounted on the rear of any slurry tanker and then removed and used as the spreading device in the SlurryKat umbilical system.

SlurryKat Dribble Bars

This is where we excel. SlurryKat is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high end dribble bar slurry/manure dispersal systems. Specifically designed to be controlled by one operator, SlurryKat's entire range of umbilical slurry/manure systems and dribble bars has been tried and tested in Ireland, one of the toughest farming environments in Europe.

SlurryKat Dribble Bars in Use

Available for use all year round, and with any crops, SlurryKat dribble bars achieve a uniform spread of slurry/manure, with minimal plant contamination. As a result, fertiliser costs may be reduced by up to 80%.
All our dribble bars are CE approved, come with a 3-year warranty as standard and are available in widths from 7.5 s up to 24 metres. So whether you are an independent farmer or a large scale contractor, SlurryKat has a system to meet your needs.


dribble bar 1

With the increasing cost of fertiliser it is essential to make best use of the range of crop nutrients in slurry. Effectively used, slurry can reduce the need for buying chemical fertilisers.

Other key advantages with using dribble bars include:

  • Vast reduction in nitrogen losses into the atmosphere.
  • Even distribution of slurry on the field.
  • Capability if using existing tram lines in cereals during application.
  • Plant leaves remain unspoiled.
  • Minimal disturbance and no damage to the crop.
  • No soil disturbance.
  • Dribble bar design complements use with Slurrykat umbilical systems.
  • High hourly output rate.
  • GPS/flowmeter compatible.
  • Wider opportunity window for slurry application.
  • Opportunities to utilise slurry in rotational grazing systems without tainting grass sward.
  • Reduced odour after spreading.
  • Less visible operation in the countryside.
  • Ability to apply slurry in windy conditions.


dribble bar 2Spreading slurry using dribble bars greatly increases the utilisation of slurry nitrogen by up to 25% compared to conventional splash plate application systems.
As trials have shown, the resultant saving in fertiliser costs is worth up to £29.00 per acre depending on the application rate.

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