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We strive for engineering excellence in everything we do, so when it comes to selecting our partners and suppliers, we only choose companies that share our commitment to delivering the best. That is why we recommend the use of DODA pumps with our systems.

We enjoy an excellent relationship with DODA. It has been built on years of practical experience and testing; and it combines our vast farm contracting knowledge with DODA’s technical prowess in pump development. As a result of this extensive Research & Development, the DODA pumps offered by SlurryKat provide a totally unique specification and performance.

Vertical Slurry Mixing Pump
For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.

The four different chopper pump models available in the SlurryKat range have the following characteristics:

Doda L27 Pump
Doda L27
Good all-round performance, high pressure 14 bar up to 150m3/hr
Doda L35 Pump
Doda L35
Higher flow rate, 12 bar up to 240 m3/hr
Doda HD35 Pump
Doda HD35
High pressure, high flow rates, stone/debris trap, oil cooling system 18 bar up to 350m3/hr
Doda HD45 Pump - Skorpion Mixer
Doda HD45
High flow rates, 10 bar up to 660m3/hr
Doda AFI HD35 Pump

All New 2020 AFI HD35

NEW enhanced features

  •   New shaft resists damage from foreign objects
  •   New shaft design is now 60% larger & stronger
  •   AFI blade is no longer screwed onto the shaft with threads
  •   AFI Blade mounted on a splined shaft and retained with a high tensile nut
  •   Can be easily removed for service
  •   50% thicker pump body casting giving much longer wear life
  •   All wear parts optionally available in special wear resistant Dura-Line steel
DODA AFI Mechanical Seal Replacement Guide
DODA AFI Pump Mechanical Seal Replacement Guide
Doda AFI HD35 Pump Components
Doda Electric Pumps
Delighted with the new Doda pump with 5” pipe work. Output is increased over 3000 gallons/hr compared to old pipe work and also tractor isn’t labouring at low revs and using less fuel.
Jonathan Readman
Cork, Ireland
Jonathan Readman Farm - Cork
For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.
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