Skorpion DODA Pump

Ground breaking new innovation

Specifically built to facilitate emptying of 18m/60ft deep lagoons feeding umbilical systems. Included is a Doda AFI HD45 Pump, cooled gearbox using the slurry, 8” submersible hydraulic pump on the bottom of the scorpion for force feeding the Doda 45.

SlurryKat Skorpion Mixer with DODA HD45 Pump

Fully automatic folding/unfolding into working position and can be set up from transport position to pumping in less than 2 minutes.

Transport position is adjustable to suit different tractor sizes and height is around 4 metres in transport position depending on the tractor. Flow rates from the unit are up to 740 m3 per hour and it can be made to suit lagoons of any depth and a smaller version is available for AFI 35 HD pumps!

*Additional 6m suction line can be added to the standard configuration to increase depth.

SlurryKat Skorpion Mixer with DODA HD45 Pump
SlurryKat Scorpion Pump
SlurryKat Scorpion Pump with DODA HD45
SlurryKat Scorpion Mixer Pump with DODA HD45 Pump
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