Tanker Options

Customize to get the reults you need
Slurrykat Over Hedge Discharge / Transfer Boom

Overhead Discharge Booms

Certain dribble bars can be fitted with overhedge transfer booms.

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Tyre Options

Many tyre sizes & options are available for single, tandem and tri axle tankers...
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Auto Fill Turbo - Lazy Arm on Slurry Tanker

Autofill / Turbo Fill

Simple filling from the tractor seat, available in 6” & 8” size. Vacuum only or massively increase fill rate with a turbo pump at the end of the arm, doubling the filling rate.

Deep Fill 8” loading arm

Deep Filling

2.5 metre Deep Fill 8” loading arm with integrated turbo pump system.

Dual and Vacuum Pump Options

Pumps - Dual & Vac

A choice of pumps and options are available to order with your new tanker.
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Top Fill Hatches

Hydraulic vertical opening lid or horizontal sliding options are available.

K80 ball & spoon hitch


As an alternative to the standard high tensile welded ring we can offer K80 ball & spoon, bolt on swivel or fixed towing rings.

SlurryKat Tanker Colour Options


Have your new tanker painted in any colour. SlurryKat paint is an exclusive industry acrylic formula with a gloss finish and guarantee unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Air and Oil Brake Options

Air and Oil Brakes

All tankers come standard with oil brakes. Options for air only with load sensing or full oil & air with load sensing to cover all tractor uses.

Steering Systems

Steering Systems

Premium plus tankers are equipped with self steering axles as standard base spec. Forced-positive steering can be optionally selected on tandem & tri axle tankers.

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Isobus Control

This unique system tells the operator what forward speed to drive at...

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Split Emptying

Split Emptying

An innovative spreading & safety solution which holds slurry in the front 30% of the tanker completely until the rear 70% has been totally discharged.

Auto Discharge Arm

Auto Discharge

High pressure, fully automatic discharge arm for feeding umbilical systems.
Integrated internal sand/sediment mixing & Agitation system

Mixing / Agitation System

Integrated internal sand / sediment mixing & agitation system.
Auto Greasing

Auto Grease

Take the daily lubrication hassle out of your day by adding an automatic lubrication system periodically lubricating all points on the tanker.

Hydraulic Drawbar

Hydraulic Drawbar

Increase ride comfort and fill full on slopes by manually levelling the tanker with this hydraulic option also increase comfort with enhanced drawbar travel over uneven terrain.

Galvanised Slurry Tanks


Hot dip galvanising as an alternative to paint finish.
Rain Gun Option on Slurry Tanker

Rain Guns

Increase use on your tanker for irrigation uses with a 360 degree revolving gun feeding from the centrifugal pump.

Road Lighting Options

Extra Highway Lighting

Additional road lighting options are available, including SlurryKat's unique "Kats Eyes".
TerraGator Slurry Suction Funnel

TerraGator Suction Systems

Funnels available on all ferry tankers 8” & 10” capacities for fast offloading.

For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.

Slurry Tanker Range & Options

Premium Plus™ Tankers

Chassis, tank & spreading technology carefully merged together.

Super Tanker

High capacity handling from farm to field

Tanker Options

Customize to get the reults you need

Panterra Tankers

Total control, highly durable, less cost.

Mobile Nurse Tanks

Allowing you to spread even further
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