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Trailing Shoe Applicators

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Trailing Shoe Injectors

Some farming situations require very precise amounts of slurry/manure to be applied onto fields of growing plants.
The SlurryKat Trailing Shoe delivery system has evolved to meet this requirement.

Our trailing shoe incorporates a unique design which has been honed from our extensive knowledge of slurry/manure spreading, gained over many years through our farm contracting division. It overcomes the inherent problem of traditional splash plate slurry/manure application, which results in up to 80% of the available nitrogen in the slurry/manure being lost to the atmosphere.

Designed to be used with either an umbilical or tankermounted system, each trailing shoe carefully deposits a predetermined and a uniform volume of slurry/manure straight onto the soil surface. This approach maximises the amount of nitrogen available for plant uptake and minimises odour from the slurry/manure. It also means the slurry/manure can be applied more precisely on fields of growing plants, without contaminating the leaves.

A further benefit is that the SlurryKat trailing shoe system can be used in conjunction with a rotational grazing system, allowing slurry/manure to be applied after each grazing so that pastures can regenerate.

SlurryKat Trailing Shoe Results
Trailing Shoe Results in Field
SlurryKat Trailing Shoe Injector
SlurryKat Trailing Shoe on Tanker - Folded
Tractor With Trailing Shoe
Slurry Tanker With Trailing Shoe
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12m Premium PlusTM Trailing Shoe

Trailing Shoe Injectors

SlurryKat’s new range of budget Farmline Trailing shoes allow farmers to fit these to their existing tanker or use as a complete new tanker unit.

Features of the new Farmline Trailing shoe range demonstrate the usual high manufacturing quality expected from SlurryKat.

Available in 6 and 7.5 metre working widths.
  •   Can be fitted directly to SlurryKat Premium PlusTM tanker or to any other tanker via Inspection Hatch with hatch mounting kit
  •    Optimum 250mm delivery spacing
  •    Single macerator distribution head
  •    Self-sharpening and self-adjusting blades as std
  •    Danfoss hydraulic drive
  •    Stone/debris trap protection system
  •    Vertical hydraulic folding
  •    UV & Urea resistant delivery hoses
  •    Fully galvanised construction
  •   Splash plate c/w hydraulic gate valve
  •   Swan neck attachment for splash plate
SlurryKat Farmline Trailing Shoe Injector
SlurryKat Farmline Trailing Shoe
7.5m Trailing Shoe
Trailing Shoe in Transportation Position
Trailing Shoe in Transport Position
For information on specifications, prices and lead times please contact your SlurryKat Dealer.
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