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Dual solutions in one pass

Unique Slurry application before aeration

Research has proven that slit aeration on compacted soils greatly enhances grassland performance and its response to nutrient applications.

Soils compacted by heavy machinery or intensive livestock grazing causes the top layers of the soil to become impermeable and not allowing nutrients, rainfall or oxygen to penetrate into the soil which can cause irradiation of the earth worm colonies that provide vital ecosystem attributes.

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The SlurryKat aerator goes one step further than other competitor models by allowing application of slurry with a dribble bar mounted on the front of the aerator rather than on the rear after the aeration process.

This unique SlurryKat patented process of "Pre-Aeration Application" rather than after the slitting process prevents the benefits of the aeration process being undone by filling the slit fissures created by the blades from filling with slurry and impairing much needed aeration.

  • Available in 6m and 7.5m widths
  • Heavy duty robust design for many years of use
  • Adjustable and removable ballast weights
  • Available in 3,4 or 5 blades per rotation to suit different soil types
  • Helical blade rotation for maximum penetration and low fuel consumption figures
  • High wear resistant Hardox 400 grade machined blades for long life
  • Unique machined Angular blade design for easy penetration - guaranteed no sod lift, even at higher speeds
  • Depth Penetration up to 200mm/8"
  • Heavy duty 80mm solid axle shafts on rotors
  • Adjustable axle rotors for more aggressive penetration
  • Fully galvanised construction
  • Vogelsang exact distributor head
  • Hydraulic folding Umbilical drag hose kit with hose swivel as standard
  • LED road lighting kit
  • Available with transport wheel kit for smaller tractors



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