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Flow Meters & GPS Guidance

inline meterIn Line Flowmeter     

This application has been popular for a number of years and is designed to stand on the ground close to the pump. As shown in the photograph, the Flowmeter is built into a robust, lightweight frame giving protection from accidental damage.

It is fitted with 4” Bauer Couplings as standard (other options available) and 6mtrs of 12volt power cable with an international 3 pin plug.

In Cab Display for Umbilical System Flow MeterRemote Display     

This display can be remotely wired into the tractor where it can be constantly monitored.
When the tractor and pump are separated it can be easily unplugged and the display remains with the tractor.  

Slurry Monitor - Krohne Flow Meter

  • Factory calibrated for accuracte
  • Worldwide product
  • Built into a robust galvanized frame
  • Components can be used for upgrading
  • Economical start-up unit for farmer and contractor alike


Flowmeter Built Into Bak Pak

This application is similar to the In-Line version but is built into the pipework of the Slurry Applicator, either Splashplate or Dribble Bar. All Slurrykat spreading equipment can be manufactured with the appropriate flanges to facilitate the Flowmeter as shown in the photograph (left).

The remote head can be used in the cab in the same way and is connected by a standard data cable.

The whole installation can be upgraded to use a computerized in-cab display as described later. The unit only needs to be reprogrammed.


gpsGPS Guidance

When using Dribble bar or Trailing applications of Slurry spreading, it can sometimes be difficult to apply the slurry without creating a large overlap on to the previous pass. Over lapping can result in unwanted falling of the crop due to poor plant structure, caused by excessive growth due to the double nitrogen application caused by the overlap. It is especially common in cereals in the latter stages of plant maturity.

As widely used and proven by our contracts division the use of a satellite guidance system can restrict these problems and allow precise application of the nutrient on to the crop.
The Guidance system works in conjunction with a flow meter system constantly monitoring the amount of slurry being applied per minute, per hectare and per hour.

After trying many different types of flow meter and guidance systems, we have found the Trimble, LH Agro and Krohne combination to be very well suited to this very specific application. The Guidance system offers a full coloured screen display an also a light bar for a very user friendly package.

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