SlurryKat 1200m - 1400m Premium Plus™ Front Reeler

40% more capacity

The new 1200m and 1400m Front Reeler from SlurryKat has 40% more hose capacity even though it is the same width as a 1000m Front Reeler.  The benefit of carrying more hose is that it lets you spread further.

Patent Pending Design Featuring:

  • New inverted integrated protected drive system which protects the motors.
  • New slimline chassis allowing increase in capacity without increasing overall width.
  • New integrated offset headboard linkage.
  • New bobbin bolt in segment configuration.
  • New drive system tensioning.
  • New two-speed reel drive option.
  • High torque drive - reel in/up to 800m (4x200m) connected together from a static standing position.*

High Performance. Reliable. Durable.
Slurry handling technology.

Spreading | Productivity

*dependant on configuration/situation/conditions etc. tested using SlurryKat couplings & Oroflex hoses - some coupling types and lay flat hoses may not support this application/use.
Capacities may vary depending on hose diameters and the operator loading.

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